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Choose properly our mountain boots is essential not only for our comfort, but also to our security. Not unexpectedly, black and very sore toes or broken nails for use in the fall shoes too tight, or frozen for lack of sweating, or touched by the same cause, etc..
Each activity requires the proper footwear, and every season, too. In summer perspiration should prevail, so that the membranes are not suitable. In winter, the cold is what needs to be protected. If you sweat too much, we must keep the foot dry. And, footwear, not only must allow the activity, but that has to strengthen.
For these reasons, the choice of footwear is key to being able to enjoy what we like.


  • Choose the correct size and try the compleete pair on, since both feel usually are not equal. Verify that your toes do not touch with the end and make sure that the adjustment is comfortable in the ankle.
  • It is better to do in the evening, tah the feet usually are more swelling.
  • Do it whit socks similar to which we will take in the trekkings or hikings.
  • Walk a little and, if it is possible, raise and lower by stairs.
  • Flex the feet with the boots on.
  • Bear in mind that the irregularities of the skin are because of the use of authentic natural skins.


  • Tie the footwear well to avoid that the end of the toes hit against the internal face of the end. In descents, our feet usually go away towards ahead and the end of the toes probably hit against the internal part of the end. This can be very uncomfortable and produce injuries.
  • Once the foot is in the boot, it's suitable to give blows with the end of the heel against the ground so that the feet go away towards the back park of the boot, and once are there, proceed to adjust the laces in the zone of instep so that this hinder the displacement forwards.
  • If we apply horse fat, wasex or silicones to the boot, we will be closing pores of the structure of the skin and the lining, and will be making the boots more waterproof, but they will not breath and the feet will finish wet.
  • For a correct breathability it's also important the type of socks we use. If we use socks made of wool, natural cotton or other natural fibres the socks will retain the sweat and we will have moisture.


  • After the use, let them air ans dry the humidity in a natural way, in the shade and the room temeperature. Do not approach to radators, stoves or chimneys, because the skins will dehydrate and become stiff, cracking themselves by the zones of flexion.
  • Eliminate the inner moisture filling up the boot of newspaper.
  • When the boots are dry, brush them to retire the accumulated dust or mud.

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